Both Hidden Treasures locations will remain temporarily closed due to the stay at home order.

The available check list will be posted as usual on April 5th. If you have an available check we will be happy to mail to you. Please mail us a SELF ADDRESSED and STAMPED envelope. The name on the envelope MUST match the name that is posted on the check list. Note: Checks will automatically be sent to those who live out of town and had previously provided us with envelopes.

We will not be able to print reports at this time.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience. We hope you understand that we at Hidden Treasures are trying to do our part to comply with State and local requirements to keep everyone safe during this crisis.

Please be aware that Hidden Treasures will be extending your consignment period due to this delay.

Click here for store contact/location information

Updated: April 5, 2019

Checks are not written for balances under $10.00, and so accounts are not shown with balances lower than $10.00.

Checks are available only beginning on the 5th of the month.

orange Balance under $20.00 yellow Balance under $40.00 green Balance above $40.00

Names Consignment Number Balance
Barry Or Dai Allen 4277 “orange”
Brook & Linda Allen 5699 “green”
Ruben & Ashley Almanza 5072 “orange”
Kim Ambro 1082 “orange”
Ed Or Beverly Antignolo 6223 yellow
Donnell Arles 7099 “green”
Willie Barnett 8384 “orange”
Suzie Bennett 6420 “orange”
Vicki Bennett 6098 yellow
Debbie Bessent 8783 “green”
Jessica Bilnoski 2712 “green”
Lesa Boehnke 7227 “orange”
Shirely Britt 918 “orange”
Theresa Bush 8603 “green”
Natasha Butler 8798 yellow
Brian Callahan 8882 “green”
Stacey Carlton 3238 “orange”
Ellen Carroll 1236 “green”
Whitney Cassidy 8315 yellow
Maria Castillo 6144 “green”
Jessica Comeaux 8419 “orange”
Kathy Cooper 3029 “orange”
Diane Corbello 1217 “green”
Mary K. Corbett 6886 yellow
Trevor Or Nicole Cothran 8850 yellow
Joyce Courtney 6122 “orange”
Jeff Or Janet Couvillion 8789 “orange”
Betty J. Cox 6693 “orange”
Kathy D. Craft 7247 “green”
Cherise Cruse 8906 yellow
Cathy Cunningham 8881 yellow
Sandee Davis 6399 “green”
Sue Davis 7870 “orange”
Diana Decker 8892 “green”
Paul & Susan Di Puma 7397 yellow
Robin Doane 731 “green”
Stephanie Dupont 4122 “green”
Teresa Ehrman 8769 yellow
Essie Ellis 8473 “orange”
Teresa Emebo 4065 “green”
Laura Erenwert 1548 yellow
Rick Or Kendra Farnwalt 8847 “green”
Frances Flores 8886 yellow
Debbie Floyd 8905 “green”
Janet Frers 2902 “orange”
Nicole Garcia 8186 “orange”
Melessa Garza 8767 “green”
Bennett &  Judy Ghormley 8671 “orange”
Sarah Glade 8911 “green”
Steve Glenn 8835 “green”
Tina Goe 8872 “green”
Natalie Goolsby 6298 “orange”
Cheri Gray 6288 yellow
Amy Griger 8556 “green”
Blanca Guajardo 6848 yellow
Jean Gunn 5832 “green”
Grady Haddox 8915 “green”
Mary Ellen Hall 6519 yellow
Joni Harkness 742 “green”
Sandra Harville 2816 yellow
Jack & Liz Hays 6173 yellow
Harry Jean Hemphill 6245 “orange”
Blanca Hernandez 4793 yellow
Joliegh Herrera 8435 “orange”
Janet Huber 8815 “green”
Cynthia Hundley 1156 “orange”
James Janoch 8904 “green”
Irene Johnson 968 yellow
Kathy Johnson 2501 “orange”
Helen Killen 1464 yellow
Donna Klassen 1456 “orange”
Sue Knippa 6229 “orange”
Pat Kos 3245 “green”
Amy Koury 8836 “orange”
Jody Koury 1408 “green”
Willie Or Mary Lacy 8065 “green”
David & Lynda Laymance 8689 “green”
Joan Letourneau 29 “orange”
Judie Lilie 169 “green”
Heath Lynch 8766 “green”
Chuck & Pat Magee 534 “orange”
Karen Maraldo 8889 “green”
Ben Marsh 8388 “orange”
Joe Martin 8010 “green”
Nina J. Martin 5794 “green”
Jim & Belinda Mass 8306 “green”
Carlos Mata 3664 yellow
Lisa Mattila 1546 “orange”
Meridyl Mc Burney 8908 “orange”
Bill & Carolyn Mc Call 5422 “green”
Joe Or Tracy Mc Kernan 7945 “orange”
Jeanna Mc Lean 8899 yellow
Don Or Karen Mc Mahon 5606 yellow
Tim Or Sheereen Mealey 6820 “green”
Shelley Mendoza 2558 “green”
Terry Monaghan 7223 “orange”
Sara Musselman 6543 “orange”
Shirley O'Connor 4849 “green”
Lance Olshovsky 4743 “green”
Renato Orozco 8810 “green”
Sandra Ortiz 8902 “green”
Sherry Pabitzky 3807 “green”
Debbie Peltier 8089 “green”
Bill & Margie Perry 710 “green”
Sonny And Wanda Pettijohn 8790 “orange”
Carolyn Polk 8794 “green”
Catherine Pollard 8866 “green”
Saul Pontifes 8251 “green”
Doris Purinton 6850 “green”
Brian & Jennifer Raffety 5392 “green”
Kristen Redding 8834 yellow
Ian Reynolds 8811 “green”
Modie Richard 8684 “orange”
Mary S. Richmond 3812 “orange”
Shannon Robbins 7533 “green”
Jeff & Gina Robinson 4290 “green”
Penny Routsas 6163 yellow
Dorsey & Robbie Rushing 8045 “orange”
Karen Rutherford 8917 “green”
Kathy Salvati 8334 “green”
Micheal Sandella 8808 “green”
Kathy Savell 8860 “green”
Sandy Scoggins 6663 yellow
Sandy Seckel 780 yellow
Fred Segura 8819 “green”
Jessica Sellers 7659 yellow
John & Ellen Shaw 3187 “green”
Arlene M. Shelby 8679 “green”
Delayne Silver 7185 “orange”
Charles & Noosha Smith 7470 “green”
Heather Smith 8577 “green”
Leanne Smith 910 yellow
Stevie Spicer 8885 yellow
Cheri Stang 371 “orange”
Olan Stevens 6673 “green”
Joan Storemski 265 yellow
Connie Or James Stryk 3254 yellow
No Tag 2 “green”
Rebeka Thomas 8715 “green”
Donna Trahan 2510 “green”
Mason Tschappat 8800 “green”
Ciara Valdez 8868 “green”
Dick & Susan Venier 7985 “orange”
Adina Vidaeff 2361 “green”
Donna Vogel 3265 “orange”
Kyle Or Kristie Wagoner 8851 “orange”
Rose Waguespack 6847 yellow
Travis Walker 7647 “green”
Linda Wang 8833 “green”
Martin & Martha Warnica 6468 yellow
Karen Welch 8196 “orange”
Katie Wetsel 4130 yellow
Don & Linda Whitley 8622 “orange”
Rana Wicker 3836 “orange”
Helen Wilburn 2841 yellow
Eulan Or Jill Williams 7535 yellow
Gail Williams 6926 “orange”
Paulisa Winsong 6997 yellow
Kenny Wise 8897 “green”
Carol L. Wood 8258 “green”
Robin Yandell 8816 “green”